Friday, March 30, 2007

Diwata Production Presents... My Pre-Lenten Special.

This is the version of my upcoming models Ms. Faye and Ms. Michelle! Y'all gonna see the real models this coming summer! [We are still negotiating about the talent fee's.]

Oh my gawd speaking of Ms. Michelle naalala ko na-naman muntik ko nang gulpihin yang babaing yan. After kong malaman na naghalikan sila ni Kori nong nalasing sila! ARG &%%$@%%^(_) BLAG! BLAG! BLAG! Parang gusto ko na naman atang mag amok ngayon! Kungdi lang kagalang-galang ang Ms. Michelle nakup!*

I´m a barbie girl, in a barbie world
Life in plastic, it´s fantastic.
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere.
Imagination, that is your creation.

Ang mga talipandas na Barbie ganito pala ang ginagawa kapag wala si Ken!!!

Eto pa, pasaway ata masyado to. Kaya nga nagiisip mabuti ang mga tunay na modelo sa pag-sign ng contract kasi naman talagang pasaway ang mga papagawa ko sa kanila! After mag kangkangan ihuhulog ko silang dulawa sa hagdan! He he he...

[Kapag tigang ka nga naman kung ano-ano na naiisip mo!] Next week wala muna akong ganito. Dieta ako sa kamunduhan! Mangingilin ako kahit na hindi ako Katoliko Romano.

I knew i was different when i first like my elder brother's toys! As a small kid i already knew how to use trickery. I would bribe him anything/everything i own just to play with his toys.

I remember my Mum used to buy me alot of Barbie dolls and it's different clothes. But my Barbie's never went to the beauty parlor or didn't even do any girly stuffs at all. But instead this what they do! For real. My parent's even caught me doing this kind of stuffs to my dolls LOL. They were horrified!

I always ask my Mum to buy me toy trucks and G.I Joe dolls. But she always refused to.

Diwa: Mum can you please buy me G.I Joe! IWANT G.I.JOE and TRANSFORMERS!!! *Isn't that what every Mother wants to hear? He he he.*

Mum: No anak, that's gonna make you a BIG lesbian!

My Mother refused to buy me the toys that i wanted. Which is ridiculous. Cause G.I JOE won't turn me into a BIG lesbian. BARBIE will!


Regina F said...

haha great post :D
Like you, i never liked barbies. But I think I must have been a very confused child, because I made my toy trucks have tea parties. Best of both worlds, eh? ;)

C5 said...

anak ng tipaklong nasa likod mga junakis ko! bigla kong patay dahil sa 2nd pic! ngayon wala sila, eto binalikan ko... :P

diwata said...

Glad you liked it Regina.

Well i even have a batallion of barbie's that is always on war. lol

It was Barbie's fault that's why am a BIG homo! he he he

diwata said...

Ha ha ha C5! Naku wag mong paglalaruin na ng Barbie mga anak mo! Baka maging TIBO!

reynz said...


diwata said...

Hindi ako kakain ng tulya ngayong mahal na araw! Ekkkkkkkk! LOL

Anonymous said...

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