Sunday, April 20, 2008

I have moved...

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Rome wasn't built in a day!

I just wanted you guys to know that I am still alive though my grandma is going to outlive me lol, alive and still kicking whoooo...

Last Saturday after working, we went to Atlantic City. We ate first then gamble (Ano ba hindi pa man nagiinit ang bangkay sugal na). I had fun! Losing all the monies that I got from my part-time job. Innit wonderful? FUN-FUN-FUN-Uhg! It feels like I just worked for free ahuhuhuhu... We stayed until 3AM, tapos since lahat kami may ay tila may eating disorder eh kainan na naman ano ba yon? Wala kaming kabosogan sa totoo lang...

By the time we got home it's already 5AM, woke up around 12PM and then decided to do food shopping doon sa SAM's Club, ang saya-saya parang fiesta sa bahay namin ngayon, ang daming pagkain! Earlier while having breakfast hindi oatmeal ang nilafang namin kung hindi cereal (Nakakaiyak parang pasko). I give it 2 weeks, it's going to be famine again! Cause we only do food shopping once in a blue moon.

Lately I have been doing with alot of experiments (mixing drinks and cooking different kind of foods) that's how bored I am since I am off limits from blogging. Of course as a renowned maid I get to do alot of cooking, well the way to my Ati's (My employer) heart is through her stomach - na mala anaconda he he he biro lang Ati. If you want your employer to love you, you have to do everything as in everything! (Pa-alipin ka to the maximum lebel). For me it's more of an experience eh, kasi the more you know nga diba the more better opportunities your going to have as a household help - tama ba? Mataas din pangarap ko, gusto kong makapagsilbi sa White House in the near future... To be able to get in, eh kelangan you know everything hindi lang pagpalis ng alikabok o pag-dadamo no, dapat ang pagluluto International din ang dating!So here's our dinner last night. Seaweed salad and Kim-Chi for apps and Kalbitang for our entree (Beef and Chicken) a cup of rice and my very own prik nam pla for our sauce, diet daw kami eh kuno! Of course dinner won't be complete if there were no drinks for a starter. That's my very own Amaretto Sour (Ang cherry ibalik sa garapon!!!) Just for kicks hindi kinakain yan pang VIP lang iyan!
No, I am no Korean or Irish by chance. I know right, I just can't help it, kelangan may drink ganun talaga pag-pasosyal ka (Chika lang! Baka ma-awardan ako ni Vhong at ni Vanessa naman nyan eh)... LOL

(I am not in Guyana okay, I am just here somewhere in Guantanamo Bay). Trying to find myself... BRB - babalik na ulit ako sa crate ko.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

I need sometime with myself (Breathe in and Breathe out.)

It's been a month long that I really wanted to be alone, and now it's going to happen... I know that socializing and blogging can't help me with what I am going through right now... It just covers up my issues and I can't deal with that anymore (I just hate being pretentious). Ugh, me and my big mouth, baka ilabas ko lang lahat ng ka-chorva-han dine, kaya mas nanaisin ko munang magisa as in alone. Pwede na naman siguro diba? Tapos na ang mga social-climbing.

I'll miss you all... Most specially you! (Ang aking newly found imaginary friend). May nagtatanong na kung si Malen daw ba iyon? Imaginary nga diba? SO HINDE SYA IYON.

HOLD ON - WAIT A MINUTE: Sa mga asal byaning jan na mas madami pang drama sa akin - calling-calling Chuva and HRH (HisRoyalHer) Reyns magbati na kayo for WORLD PEACE mga kabisyo! Ikaw Reyns ha inisnab mo party ko ha ang taray mo para kang artista! Ang saya-saya parang may lamay! HA HA HA... Okay tapos na ang (commercial).

This is not one of my gimmicks , as y'all know tomorrow is April fools... (hindi ko kayo inu-ulul) this is trulili not eklabooo.

It's not true that some "Palace" in the Philippines emailed me about the content of my blog - it is all liesss, it's not true peksman "those are just gossips" (thou nag blog hop sila at nakikichika aminin! hahaha anuvayan!!! jan ba napupunta ang chorva ng mamamayang Pilipino? sa blog hopping nyo? HOY, tapos na ang panahon nila Marcos!!! kurapkurap ang tamaan wag magalit). It's also gossip that some Chao Fa put my name on the black listed people from coming in to the "Kingdom". My *^%# banned from coming in to the "Kingdom"? Hell no! I am actually going there to celebrate Songkran... And NO ONE is going to STOP ME not even your lola! Aaaaat lalong-lalong hinding-hindi totoong na naghihirap ako at kent ako as in kent afford makabili ng gamot sa sakit kong Bi-polar (tsismis naubos daw sa party uhg).

I just wanted to clear things here...

Walang katotohanan na kumatok at kinukuha na ng mga policity ang aking HACKintosh pc dahil sa pag blog ko nyang Gucci Gang na yan... Malayang pamamahayad lang po, alam nyo ba ibig sabihin niyan?

Aba nakikisakay lang ako sa traffic no (who doesn't want traffic? aminin wag nang magdeny!), ni hindi ko nga kilala yang mga yan eh! Buti nga nagawa ako ng Butsi Gang no, pasalamat sila sa akin napupunta ang ibang searches sa kanila sa Butsi Gang ko. At kahit man kunin ang HACKintosh pc ko, bibili at bibili ako ulit, 10 pa! ha ha ha... I am in America and I am an American Citizen kaya sa US Embassy sila maki-chika!

Now, as I take this road alone... I promise it'll be a better me as I comeback from the dead... I cannot tell when but, I will...

Consider me a butterfly as I go through this stage... Butterflies go through four life stages.
And same thing with me, I will be emerging from a chrysalis, O diba ang taray Masiposa ang dating! LOLS

No I am not jumping off this bridge, people no-worries okay... Am fine.

For now wala munang social-climbing para sa akin. Ika nga ni Bb/Miss world Janina San Miguel, the most important persons in my life is my phamlee. So I'll be spending most of my time with my family and myself... (award winning, parang tunay... diba?).

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Monday, March 31, 2008

In Memory Of...

There are a few people that I really admire. Most because of their courage like Christiane Amanpour, Jessica Soho? (Yes, she went to Afghanistan to cover those land mines. Winner ka!) Sydney Schanberg and Dith Pran. These people have one thing in common - they risks everything so people like us would know what is really happening...

Have you seen the award-winning film "The Killing Fields", OMG! Everytime I would see this film I would burst into tears... Ah the film is about harrowing tales of enslavement and even escape from that brutal Khmer Rouge revolutionaries in 1979. - Was portrayed in the movie by first-time actor Haing S. Ngor (Dith Pran), who won an academy award for best supporting actor for his performance. (Eh hello! Dambahin mo ba naman si Sydney ng muli kayong magkita? Winner!!!)

Dith Pran will always remind me of a special category of journalistic heroism... Who shares little of the glory and who risks so much more than I/YOU do.

In his memory I will be watching Killing Fields later tonight... May your soul rest in peace Dith Pran.


I miss the Canary Islands

I need a break and I want to have some fun under the sun in some island in the Mediterranean? West Mediterranean, Ibiza? Well, I have been there and I don't want to visit a place that I already been to. Hmmm think-think-think... let's see - How about Spain? So I browse the Internet and checkout flights to Tenerife...

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Brunch

So after last night's dinner party we just decided to continue it at home (Our home - Gaysha house, GaySha, GayDinSha, GaySilangLahat, GayAko, GayTayongLahat - Kita nyo si Mamasang Gaysha?), everybody is just too tired/lazy to go out tatanda nyo na kasi eh!
OMG, there's alot of moments of truth ano ba yon, parang si Boy Abunda kung makapag tanong. Butsi Gang left Gaysha house around 4 AM already. Well, me and my lovely homewhacker love having people over kahit hindi sila marunong gumamit ng coaster ha ha ha (Biro lang!)

Last night I was treated as a real princess nako naman. Talagang hindi nila ako pinagbuhat ng mgakachorva as in, I wasn't treated as "The Maid" kagabi no. Hindi din ako pinakain ng flurwax o ng tinik ng isda.
Usually kasi they treat me as one of the guys no or should I say one of the gays? HAHAHAHA...

I was really-really-really happy last night kahit wala si Manat (Hindi ka-plastikan yan huhuhuhu lol). Oh well she wasn't invited kaya, and someones about to give me a Thai cookbook sabi nya baka chorvahin ako ng memories o baka ma-offend ako? Sa kapal kaya ng muka ko no may tatablan pa? I don't mind so GIVE ME THAT COOKBOOK! Now na!=) Mahirap na at baka maparatangan tayo ng mga prejudice na tao jan na isang racist lol. I have nothing against them... I love them, sa katunayan nga eh ang susunod kong magiging gf ulit eh Thai! HA HA HA...Opppsie no double dipping!

Hayyy, kahit na may hangover me and my lovely homewhacker still manages to cook brunch, o divanecth... Sinasamantala lang namin habang weekend, kasi bukas balik oatmeal ulit kami at ako over the weekend next week back to reality - I am working double time over the weekend kelangan kong i-cover yong off kong Saturday for next week, Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh... Sarap buhay na sana eh... Pero ganun talaga, alipin ka talaga dito sa Jameirika.

Walang whine, lakas ng hang over ko from last night no... Kaya kape lang muna ngayon, maaga-aga pa naman, mahaba ang gabi.
Sometimes I wonder if I have a Korean/Irish/Russian on my bloodline... Tubig lang ito!

I decided to make myself a Chinese Cosmopolitan happy hour akong magisa. Ewan ko ba gusto kasi pag nag re-relax ako may kasamang drinks... Ang sarap kaya! Staka diba social-climbing nga?
Don't call AA! I am not turning into one! Eto habang iniinom ang aking aking drink eh nag blog ako. Life is so good! Ekkkkk (Hindi ako trandsgender okay!)
Isang rule of thumb: Kung sa sawsawan bawal ang double diping, shempre sa drinks meron din tayong rule, OC kami eh. Dapat ang drinks hindi overflowing, hindi naman tayo taga squalor diba? Yan ang proof na may breeding kami kahit pa nagkakamay kaming kumain habang nakataas ang paa...
Nang biglang tinawag ako ng aking amo... *ENDAYYYYY! Dalahan mo ako ng tubig, ngayon din!* Ayan may kaagaw pa tuloy ako sa cough syrup na ito! Ingitera talaga... Delivery pa kamo doon sa 3rd floor uhg.
Hindi ko pa din nakakalimutan sinabi mo kagabi chuva, sponsored ang drinks ko buong gabi, malamang kasi BYOB sya o kung lumabas naman tayo kagabi eh nge-nge bonnel na ako no. CHEERS! Life is good... Next time na lang yong drinks na sponsored.

I will definitely miss this... Mga ka-brunch/happy hour na ganito, mga kebigan ko dito at ang Gaysha House... Ang aming famous couch na ilang tao na din ang lumuha...

Ang hirap minsan pag nasanay ka na sa isang bagay... Diba? Parang ang hirap iwanan, pero wala kang magagawa kung kelangan mong umalis talaga...

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Butsi Gang Ghettogether

My phone was off the hook as in, feeling importante ako... Kagabi lang yon, panis na ako ngayon lol.

Chorvaness didn't make it, but was able to talk to all the people last night. - non blogger member of Butsi Gang.

Recent messages from

Malen: Uy hafi vday...hehe.nagenjoy kmi s party,uwian na!thnx.wih you all the best - an sweet naman salamat!

Agnes: Huffyverdee Diwa! I wish u mor bdays 2 come.... Mor blessings n happiness! Mwah -
Wishhhh ko lang...

The Fairie turned 24 yesterday :::wheee::: actually in real life she's just 20 so she's still barely legal for alcohol lol. Here's the keepsake from the fantabolous cake made specially for me thanks Geena Davis!

The funny thing is I almost did not make it to my own party ha ha ha. I was already trashed by like 7:30, diba nag happy hour kami kahapon dito sa balay china, ang sarap noong Lycheetini (Nagka lychee-lychee tuloy ako) ang sarap as in pa-sweet masyado pero ang tama hindi pa-saway. I fell asleep in our couch and the next thing I know, I was already here in Thai Taste... Chuva dragged my %%$%%^() all the way to Marlton, nakakahiya naman daw kung hindi ako sisipot.

Yeah we were late! (I am the birthday girl, so it's okay to be a little late), Look at these people, they look so hungry already?
The Butsi Gang! Thank you all for coming... (Gandang babae talaga, sayang *sabay snap ng fingers*). My straight girlfriends did not make it. But it's okay will just do a girls night out one of these days. Thanks to all people who came - Geena Davis, ThinaThin Yo, Giddy Yap, BJ Montano, Jat Tong, Saline Lowfes and uhg there's just too many too mention... Don't hate me if you did not see your name here... Please don't make any drama.
Thanks Team Thai Taste - to Peter (Chef) Kui (Owner) if not with you guys this won't be possible... There's alot of food and booze for everybody, parang pasko! It's BYOB in Thai Taste, pero nagmistulang beer garden ang nasabing restaurant, ano ba kayo?
I am sorry for the pix, I am really buzzed. For apps we had spring rolls, papaya salad and mussels (I can't say anything, the mussels ohhh it's to die for! It's better than tahong you know>^$p8).
I was really supposed to order thai ice tea for Rebecca, kaya lang baka sa ER na ako madala lol... Hindi na Bibimbap yon KaninBaB (As in kaning baboy) na lol.

For the entree there's jumbo shrimp garlic, pan seared tuna and green curry fried rice.

And for people who have allergies they have a choice. They can substitute it with pad thai. O diba, ganun lang yon, takot ko lang mademanda kung may mga bisita akong may allergies sa crustaceans, ano to law suit birthday na birtday ko? Basta no allergies no substitution!
There's Thin-A-Thin Yo making complaints about her food. She only got a fried rice and a plateful full of pad thai, Yo Thina-A diba may allergies ka sa seefood? I have requested the team thai taste to not serve her any seafood at all, eh malay ko bang maiingit sya sa amin at magmamaktol ng ganito?
Team Thai Taste on the background with Giddy Yap and Thin-A-Thin Yo. (Ganda talaga, tsk eneebeg ko sya trulili... Sayang na sayang tsk tsk tsk, hindi talo) Bawal kaya no hahahahah...

The dessert was given to me by Thai Taste it's on the house, well they always give me something, I guess that's how business works right?! It's really good though, it has fresh fruits and as you see it is very rich awww it's fabolous, love it!
OMG! See this cake? Isn't it lovely? Thanks Geena Davis so much! Everything that you see on this fancy cake is edible the little apples, oranges, berries chorva chorva - except for the fairie though lol cause that's me... For future orders? Contact me, I'll give you good discounts! (I am talking about the cake not the fairie!!!) It's not for sale...