Friday, February 22, 2008

They Love MEEH!

I got this banner from Bea and JC - Ohh you guys are so sweet! Thanks!

I was cleaning my closet the other day and found this banner so I decided to post it here...

Love me? Show me! By sending cards. Read: - gift cards and gift cheques your credit is good but I only accept and will accept cash! I will consider money orders too, as long as they are purchased from the post office/western union/money gram lol.

I really like what Bea and JC did on this card... By th e way the backdrop is one of my most valuable "artwork " when I was still having what they call "identity crisis" lol. Obviously that is not Chuva okay! [kung bakulaw yan, hindi na kayo kailangan magtaka. si Chuva na yon] JK!

Love my art? Contact me. By doing so, you are helping me - to afford a new Electrolux!
I would love to have a new one and be productive again.


reyna elena said...

Join ka sa santacruzan!!!

Amor said...

diwa, ang galing mo nman mag drawing! Ano yung nasa bandang baba, parang may something! tama ba nakikita ko o niloloko lang ako ng mata ko :lol!

diwata said...

join ako kan, mana ako sayo social climber to the maxxxxxxxxxxx!

amor? anong bandang ibaba? hmm just one of them days na sinapian ako ng pagka babae ko bwahahahah!